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Spring time in warszawa, Pl. is so nice, people like goes to the park and smell with fresh flower 🌺 and sitting down to relax...!💥

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Hello To everyone im happy to share the historical about poland.


Poland country central europe, Also Poland Poland is located at a geographic crossroads that links the forested lands of northwestern Europe to the sea lanes of the Atlantic Ocean and the fertile plains of the Eurasian frontier. In the early Middle Ages, Poland’s small principalities and townships were subjugated by successive waves of invaders, from Germans and Balts to Mongols.

In the mid-1500s, united Poland was the largest state in Europe and perhaps the continent’s most powerful nation. Yet two and a half centuries later, during the Partitions of Poland (1772–1918), it disappeared, parceled out among the contending empires of Russia, Prussia, and Austria.

The Polish constitution of 1791, the oldest in Europe, in turn incorporated ideals of the American and French revolutions. At the same time, Polish artists of the Romantic period, such as pianist Frédéric Chopin and poet Adam Mickiewicz, were leading lights on the European continent in the 19th century. 

Nearly a half century of totalitarian rule followed, though not without strong challenges on the part of Poland’s workers, who, supported by a dissident Catholic Church, called the economic failures of the Soviet system into question. Warsaw, especially its city centre (Srodmieschie), is home not only to many national institutions and government agencies, but also to many domestic and international companies.  In 2006, 304,016 companies were registered in the city.  Warsaw's ever growing business community has been noticed globally, regionally, and nationally.

Poland Palace of Culture and Science Warsaw Marriott viewI'ved been there july 2012, and i can say poland is nice country and safe when i left poland last  oct. 2015,went to portugal and from that year until this present year poland has a good economic. i noticed many investor and foriegn people from different countries India, pakistan, and also european people and including Asia like filipino, wants to work and live there because i believe the cost of living a cheapest than other europe country. As i experienced there for more than 4 years that was living in that country. I knew some places of warszawa poland, like the transportation is quite good, and the market like food, clothes is not expensive. But i noticed 2017 - 2019  the rent of the  house or even the room is expensive. unlike before is cheapest 2014 as i'ved known.

The conclusion is for now Poland still ok to live and the Invasion of Poland was the beginning of all of this. The Invasion of Poland was a significant turing point in history if it could lead to a planet at war.......For me Poland is nice country...💞👍☺️


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that time was before I was in Poland and I have never known filipino. So the life really I was just Home and work. I'm stuck that work for 2 yrs. and 8 months, unfortunately I didn't finish the contract with my employer.  Family work is very hard with no day off for more than 2 yrs.....

But thanks GOD there is a people to help with me during I was having a problem with my boss...Thanks for reading and have a nice day to all....May GOD BLESS US ALL....:)