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Welcome to my LBC Enter Europe Story how i start my journey as OFW.?

By the way my nickname Is LBC.,i want to share with you about the life being overseas worker and fine the good life outside our origin country (Philippines).
LBC wants to explore and share the knowledge as ofw based on her experienced. She is a confident and strong  woman to faced the problem that was happening in her life.
From Philippines she was applied as ofw in Poland and was started July 07,2012 still fresh in her memoryt the exact date and year when  she start to work in a deplomat family but more than 2 yrs only. But then she stop working from them.  
You can read the details for her daily blog what's happening during the years 2012 - 2014 that she was working in that family...?
For awhile she's working as a part timer to a different families  so that she will be able to support herself. While she was looking for another fulltime job in poland, until she found out a portugues family that was looking also for a fulltime worker on this family. 
And that time, the husband of this family has almost ended in his job in poland.  So the family was decided to brought me up in Portugal but one condition that i asked from them.?
Please Read My Daily Blog What's I Ask From Them...?
So she started working in Portugal October 2015 - 2017 Nov., Of course is not the same stories from the previous one. Her work is quite good and peaceful living while working in that family, but in our life we cannot say all things is beautiful happens. Yeah! dumating sa buhay niya na gusto mag settle down💑 at nangyari ito. But unsuccessful decision.....👇
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LBC decide to go back Poland last year March 16,2018 - 2019 April 13, from that year her life not was so easy co'z she was applying a visa for new applicant. And for the foriegner a new applicant more documents a need to fullfil. 
In her case is difficult.....and its sad......😔 
Until she find a serious Dutch man to settle down in Netherlands and she find a good life  together with his future husband In JESUS NAME......🙏...She Love...❤️❤️❤️ & Like... 👍👍👍 The Country (NETHERLANDS).....!!!!!